White Lace Old Navy Dress

Dress: Old Navy
Bag: Cult Gaia
Shoes: Forever 21
Watch: Daniel Wellington c/o 
Earrings: Katie Bartels

I have been debating buying the very popular ASTR dress from Nordstrom that a lot of people have worn lately.  It's actually pretty affordable compared to the Self Portrait original, but I still haven't been able to pull the trigger.  

I walked into Old Navy this past weekend when visiting my parents and saw this dress which looks very similar to both of the dresses above.  I was so excited to see it and scoured the store for my size but couldn't find one :(  I then remembered seeing on a mannequin when I first walked in, so I checked that one and it was my size!  I will straight up disassemble a mannequin on the spot (I used to work in retail) to get something that I want, but this one had tricky arms.  I asked a sales associate and boom, the dress was mine!  

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