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A born and bred Kentucky dame now living in Memphis, TN, Megan is exactly what comes to mind when the term "southern belle" gets thrown around. Stylish, poised, sassy and spitfire - she's got that special something that makes people sit up and pay attention. With her equally adorable blog, PIPMegan.com, she is following in the footsteps of bloggers who document their daily lives, purchases, and pets for a fascinated audience of thousands.

Megan's willingness to share her world without sugar coating it makes her the kind of approachable heroine that women can relate to. Her audacious writing style makes posts about seemingly mundane things (her trio of toy dogs, junior league meetings, shopping) become endearing instead of redundant. Megan quite literally opens her doors to her readers -- a reason that keeps them coming back daily.

Perhaps the most prevalent topic on Megan's blog is fashion. Megan has loved fashion since a young age of watching fashion shows and model documentaries on TV. Always being best dressed was something that came easily to Megan. 

An unabashed shopaholic with impeccable personal style, she often shares pictures of her daily outfits and fawns over favorite contemporary lines like Milly, Loeffler Randall, and Theory. Many of her readers ask her for fashion advice or weigh in on a purchase she should or shouldn't make. Megan enlists readers to help her pick her outfit to a horse race or a night out on the town, creating a devout following of women who look to her for inspiration in their own wardrobes.

As her readership continues to grow, Megan hopes to grow her blog with it. Until then, she continues to keep her readers engaged and inspired, bringing her affable personality and life as a self-proclaimed shopaholic to her six thousand closest girlfriends every day.

Megan has been blogging since February of 2008. She is a 2007 graduate of the University of Kentucky with degrees in Political Science and Psychology.

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About Megan was written by Jessica Nell Graves 
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